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Cookies are what serious

Le 23 août 2016, 11:47 dans Humeurs 0

Ooops. I just realized that I’m sharing yet ANOTHER peanut butter recipe… I’m so sorry about that! I know, it really wasn’t that long ago that I promised to try and stay away from the stuff for a while, and yet here I am, sharing a recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies.

I get the feeling that you will forgive me this little gaucherie, though. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say you’ll be glad I did.

You know what’s funny? Back when I was a kid, I didn’t care for Peanut Butter Cookies. AT ALL. Mind you, the reality is that, back then, I had no idea what a true, honestly good peanut butter cookie really was. All I’d ever eat were those commercial pre-packaged, dry and crumbly excuses for a cookie. You know, the type of cookie that, unless one had a great big glass of milk to dunk them in, pretty much felt like you were munching on a mouthful of coarse sand.

And since I was never one to enjoy drinking milk, well… (true fact. You’ll only VERY rarely catch me drinking milk. I hate the stuff)

Dangerously chewy and peanut-buttery, these Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies are what serious peanut butter lovers' dreams are made of!

But these guys… OMG! They are a completely different animal. Trust me, you will not be requiring a glass of milk when feasting on these puppies. Well, maybe just to sort of cleanse your palate, if you’re a fan of the practice, but definitely NOT to help wash them down.

These cookies, they’re melt-in-your-mouth soft, chewy and moist in their center, with a slightly firmer, crispier edge, just the way I like ’em. And the fact that they’re rolled in sugar before hitting the oven gives them that extra little crunch, you know, sending your mouth in total sensory nirvana.

why not a pudding substitution as well

Le 9 mai 2016, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

ch of sidewalk trash had yet to set in. We didn’t really have a plan, no dinner reservations to catch, no ticket times to observe, we just walked– from the Flatiron to the West Village. We had a stupendous late lunch, and then we just meandered around the Village. This eventually led to a stop at the original Magnolia Bakery. It had been years since I had been there. In fact, I don’t think I ever stopped in when I lived in the city.

My sister and I both have an enormous sweet tooth, and it’s difficult not to become swept up by the mounds of buttercream, and cascades of sprinkles, that overrun that shop. We each got mini cupcakes, because a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery is a prerequisite, and a single serving of their banana pudding. The cupcakes were a complete disappointment, so let’s not even discuss them! This is a post about pudding, and their banana pudding was divine! Rich, super creamy, not overly sweet, it tasted very homemade.

StrawberryPudding1That night, when I got home, I pulled out my Magnolia Bakery cookbook (a cookbook that I’ll admit to never really using!), and found the recipe for Banana Cream Pudding included. I was sort of aghast. The dreamy pudding that I imagined bakers stirring endlessly over double boilers, was really just a strange combination of instant pudding and sweetened condensed milk. A healthy dose of whipped cream is what made the pudding light and airy. And the vanilla wafers– they weren’t made from scratch either. Try a box of Nilla wafers!

From this I learned that sometimes no slaving is needed to make something delicious. I went to the market post haste to buy my “cooking” supplies. With the glut of fresh strawberries at the market right now, it seemed a shame to limit the pudding to only bananas. Strawberry pudding it would be. In the pudding aisle, there was a box of white chocolate pudding right next to the vanilla. If I already was making a fruit substitution, why not a pudding substitution as well?

StrawberryPudding2Following the banana pudding recipe, I mixed up the pudding with the strange concoction of sweetened condensed milk and water and let it set overnight. The next morning, I whipped the cream, using only half of the called for measurement, and folded it into the now-set pudding. Then the layering began of wafers, strawberries, and pudding, all nestled in a clear glass bowl. Topped with cookie crumbs, the whole mess went back into the fridge to soften and meld until dessert was served

surviving the rambunctious

Le 18 janvier 2016, 04:35 dans Humeurs 0

I was in the car the other day, I don’t know what for.  It could have been one of a million things these days: driving the little girl to school ulthera, rushing to the grocery to grab some last minute item that we had somehow failed to notice was running low, bringing to the little boy to the pediatrician, going to one of my father’s doctors , off to the mall to buy school supplies and a new pair of soccer shoes for the hubs, hopping to a cozy neighborhood hidden gem of a restaurant to have lunch with the girls.  Gosh, anything really.  When did life become this busy?  I’ve been almost 40 years on this Earth and every time I think this I can’t help feeling like adulthood just snuck up on me joyetech cubis .


I was in the car and I reached around the backseat for something and saw that the whole floor back there was covered in glitter.  It was like a band of fairies had come and gone, and all that I had left to speculate their existence was this blanket of sparkling dust that marked their passing.  At once I realized that the glitter was from my little girl’s ballet skirt…the white tulle one they were required to wear which was adorned with glitter that had no hope of surviving the rambunctious exertions of my 4-year-old.

My first thought was, “how am I ever going to clean this up?”  But then I paused, and smiled, and thought…why would I even want to?  In a world too busy and much too fast, where all sorts of grown-up things pull you this way and that, like cyclones made of deadlines and reports and mortgage payments, why wouldn’t I want a little pixie dust in my ratty old (but very faithful) Honda?

And I drove away, not touching even one shiny sliver, happy for both the wonder that a child can bring into your life and the little reminders that keep us believing in fairies and all sorts of magic.  Even at the staid old age of almost-forty.

Here’s something for the children in your lives…and for the inner child in us all sigelei 200w.

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